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I'm a 6 foot something bearded chap, with a love of analogue cameras, currently living in Cornwall Gods country. My father was an avid photographer, so from a young age I always had a camera to hand.

My passion for photography has taken me to many beautiful locations throughout Europe, honing my photography skills through film and digital formats.

Why do I choose ANALOGUE ? Ive used plenty of digital cameras, but to me the SOUL is lost. Now I shoot on film as it strips everything back to capturing light on a negative that gives you something tangable to hold, something tactile and real.

Street Photography - Nature and the urban concrete are rife with still life's and juxtapositions, just waiting to be photographed.

Shooting weddings on leica & hasselblad. Getting married, your quirky, hipster lover, growing a beard and want your day to be unique, individual something SWANKY. WHY not have your wedding captured on analogue film...

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