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Leading film photographer based in Cornwall UK, shooting weddings and portraiture on analog cameras on film. I'm a 6 foot something bearded chap, with a love of analogue cameras, currently living in Cornwall Gods country. My father was an avid photographer, so from a young age, I always had a camera to hand and the film format was my choice of media.

My passion for photography has taken me to many beautiful locations throughout Europe, honing my photography skills through film and digital photo format. Photography is not all about posting on Instagram, a photo should be printed and put in an album, with the tangible negatives stored in a folder.

Why do I choose to use an ANALOGUE camera? I've used plenty of new digital cameras, but to me, the SOUL is lost. Now I shoot on film format as it strips everything back to capturing light on a negative that gives you something tangible to hold, something tactile and real. Forget Instagram and create film photos on old school 35mm and medium format cameras.

Street Photography - Nature and the urban concrete are rife with still life's and juxtapositions, just waiting to be photographed.

Analogue Wedding Photography

Shooting weddings on Leica & Hasselblad. Getting married, your quirky, hipster lover, growing a beard and want your day to be unique, individual something SWANKY. WHY not have your wedding captured on analogue film...

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